10 Benefits of quiz games in corporate training

Playing a quiz game is like taking your brain for a workout by collecting and deploying information.

Posted by CTrivia Marketing Team on Feb 13, 2022

Even if you fail to answer correctly, you’ll still end up with more knowledge than when you started. Here are 10 benefits of quiz games in corporate settings.

10 Benefits of quiz games in corporate training image

  1. Testing identifies gaps in knowledge.
  2. Testing improves transfer of knowledge to new contexts.
  3. Testing provides feedback to HR and lets them know what is learned or what is not.
  4. Testing causes employees to learn more from the next training. Essentially it reduces forgetting which makes the next related learning area more productive.
  5. Retrieval aids later retention. There is clear evidence from psychological experiments that practicing retrieval of something after learning it, for instance by taking a quiz or test, makes you more likely to retain it for the long term.
  6. Testing produces better organization of knowledge by helping the brain organize material in clusters to allow better retrieval.
  7. Testing can facilitate retrieval of material that was not tested. Surprisingly there are circumstances where quizzes or tests, particularly if delayed, can help people retrieve/retain information that was related to that asked but not actually asked in the questions.
  8. Testing improves metacognitive monitoring – by giving employees scores or self-assessments, they can better predict their knowledge and be more confident about what they know and what they need to know.
  9. Testing prevents interference from prior material when learning new material.
  10. Frequent testing encourages employees to learn. Having frequent quizzes and tests motivates learning and reduces procrastination.

CTrivia is a learning and engagement tool your employees will love. They will spin the wheel and get a random question from a custom developed question bank based on your training material.

If a learner wants to know more about a certain category in the spin wheel, they can browse the associated “learning directory” containing PDF’s, and Video’s.

They will learn, compete, and have a lot of fun.