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Test your CTrivia knowledge by playing “CTrivia Knowledge Test” game

We have easy and hard questions. Spin the wheel and provide an answer to test your knowledge ...

Collecting game characters in CTrivia

Learners can collect a certain character if they continue answering questions correctly in that category ...

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CTrivia Spin Wheel Categories

Deciding on the number of categories in your spin wheel will mostly depending on the objective you set for your CTrivia game ...

CTrivia Questions style

Everytime the user spins the game wheel, they will have 30 seconds to answer a question ...

CTrivia Game Characters

Each of your CTrivia games will have a set of characters that matches your corporate branding.

Setting “Play Waiting Time” in CTrivia

Play waiting time is the time the user has to wait to refill his lives (tries) at spinning the game wheel.

Theming your Quiz Game on CTrivia is Easy:

- Add your characters
- Add your logo and artwork
- Add a background

Transform your E-Learning with CTrivia

A Quiz Game for corporate learning and development with an associated Learning Directory.

Create your own Corporate Training Game

Strategies like gamification for compliance training provide several gains for both learners and business.

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For a limited time, we are offering to create your corporate game on CTrivia absolutely free.