2 Benefits of CTrivia in corporate training “e-Learning”

Quizzes can be used to motivate people, and help them remember content they just covered. Here is how CTrivia can help you in achieving this.

Posted by CTrivia Marketing Team on October 24, 2020

Motivate people to learn

One way to do this is to begin the learning journey with a pre-test. This pre-test is a non-graded quiz at the beginning of a course used for the expressed purpose of allowing learners to see what they already know and don’t know. Using a variety of multiple choice and true/false questions, you can provide relevant pre-test questions to prepare your learners for what they need to pay attention to during the course. When people miss a question, they will more likely be motivated to pay attention to that topic in the course when it comes up, so they do not miss that question again. Use pre-tests to help your learners see what is coming so they can prepare themselves to pay attention during the course. You can achieve this by running a CTrivia game for a short period (i.e. 2 weeks) before you start your training or structured e-Learning course.

Help People Remember

During your learning journey, it is a good idea to stop and review what was learned. Repetition is an important element of learning, and one way to repeat content is through quizzes. It is important that these review quizzes are not graded. The purpose is not to assess learning, but to give learners a way to remember what they have learned. One way to do this, is to run a CTrivia game during your training course so that the learners can practice and remember the topics that they have learned. We recommend running the game throughout the course and for an additional (3 months) after the course material has been covered. The trick here is to keep your questions simple. Maintaining motivation during training is important so learners will want to continue to learn and get through your course.

CTrivia is a learning and engagement tool your employees will love. They will spin the wheel and get a random question from a custom developed question bank based on your training material.

If a learner wants to know more about a certain category in the spin wheel, they can browse the associated “learning directory” containing PDF’s, and Video’s.

They will learn, compete, and have a lot of fun.