5 Tips to Create Meaningful Questions and Options for your CTrivia Game

When creating questions to add to CTrivia question bank, keep in mind ..

Posted by CTrivia Marketing Team on December 15, 2020

When creating questions to add to CTrivia question bank, keep in mind that your learners need to understand them. If they don’t, they will likely have to choose an answer at random, so you risk getting inaccurate results. Here is how you can avoid this:

  1. Keep questions simple and concise. They should be formulated in an easily understandable language, without any vagueness, and lack any unnecessary information that requires learners to spend time to understand it correctly. The question should have a maximum of 20 words.
  2. Omit qualifiers that give hints about the answer. Words like “always,” “many,” “usually,” “sometimes,” “never,” and “every” can help learners guess the right answer.
  3. Avoid imprecise descriptors. Words like “approximately,” “at least,” and “any” can easily confuse a learner and make them choose an incorrect option.
  4. Try not to use negatives to avoid misleading your learners. If unavoidable, call attention to the negative word by capitalizing.
  5. Here are some tips on how to make good quiz options:
  • Make all response options short and clear.
  • Keep all options the same structure and length.
  • Ensure your answers are entirely correct and the other options are definitely wrong.
  • When using negative words, capitalize them.
  • Avoid the use of the “all-of-the-above” and “none-of-the-above” options, since they make the question too easy to answer.

CTrivia is a learning and engagement tool your employees will love. They will spin the wheel and get a random question from a custom developed question bank based on your training material.

If a learner wants to know more about a certain category in the spin wheel, they can browse the associated “learning directory” containing PDF’s, and Video’s.

They will learn, compete, and have a lot of fun.