Configuring questions time limit in CTrivia

Now you can control questions time limit in your CTrivia game

Posted by CTrivia Marketing Team on November 29, 2020

By default, questions in CTrivia have a 30 seconds time limit, which allows employees half a minute to read and answer the MCQ question. You can also specify a different time limit. A countdown timer is shown to the learner and when the timer has run out before an answer is registered, the question is submitted automatically with the wrong answers.

CTrivia is a learning and engagement tool your employees will love. They will spin the wheel and get a random question from a custom developed question bank based on your training material.

If a learner wants to know more about a certain category in the spin wheel, they can browse the associated “learning directory” containing PDF’s, and Video’s.

They will learn, compete, and have a lot of fun.